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All content with label gis.
Related Labels: case_study, geographic_information_systems, environmental, second_life, county, conservation, e, leadertocitizen, mashup, navy, public_engagement, state_and_local, blue_rose, citizen_engagement, federal, tuning, data_aggregation

TRIPWIRE (Case Library)
Case Summary A declassified surveillance technology developed by The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) and GCS Research uses GIS (geospatial) technology to specifically locate and track acoustic sounds coming from people, animals or vehicles. This technology has the potential ...
Other labels: navy, blue_rose, federal, case_study
Westchester County Green Map (Case Library)
Case Summary In 2006 Westchester county executive Andy Spano launched a Global Warming Task Force to create a countywide action plan to reduce emissions and promote ...
Other labels: geographic_information_systems, county, leadertocitizen, public_engagement, citizen_engagement, tuning, environmental, conservation ...

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