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All content with label nongovernmental.
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The Guardian Newspaper's Investigate Your MP's Expenses (Case Library)
Case Summary Following the May 2009 disclosure of British MP expense claims and the scandal that ensued, The Guardian newspaper launched Investigate Your MP's Expenses in June of 2009. Investigate Your MP's Expenses is an ...
Other labels: case_study, international, crowdsourcing
Wiser Earth (Case Library)
Case Summary Wiser Earth is a wiki website created by Paul Hawken and the National Capital Institute. Their mission is to connect nongovernmental organizations and individuals who work on and share similar beliefs about issues like climate change, poverty, the environment, social ...
Other labels: citizentocitizen, ngo, wiki, social_justice, environment, social_networking, case_study
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative (Case Library)
Case Summary Teaching about genocide past and present is the main motivation behind The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative Through the power of Google Earth along with data ...
Other labels: genocide, holocaust, public_awareness, leadertocitizen, mashup, case_study
Southern California Wildfire Response (Case Library)
Case Summary The disaster management and recovery efforts in the wake of Southern California's 2007 wildfires were greatly enhanced by Web 2.0 technologies. Through a free wiki application, all local residents, news organizations and disaster relief were able ...
Other labels: wiki, facebook, myspace, flickr, citizentocitizen, citizen_engagement, case_study
Palomar Medical Center West (Case Library)
Case Summary Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) teamed up with Cisco Systems, Inc. to launch a virtual Second Life model in February 2008 of new medical center that will not be completed until 2011. The cost of the online real estate was only $1,695 ...
Other labels: private_sector, leader-to-frontline, leader-to-stakeholder, public_health, stakeholder_engagement, second_life, virtual_world, case_study (Case Library)
Case Summary is a wiki (a publicly edited Web site) that is one of several initiatives by the Center for Transparent and Accountable Government at the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. The mission of is "to serve as a convenient place where Ohio citizens ...
Other labels: wiki, case_study
More Perfect (Case Library)
Case Summary More Perfect seeks to enable greater direct public involvement in the creation of laws and public policy by engaging a more diverse constituency to impact the policy process. They created an online ...
Other labels: wiki, citizen_engagement, policy, citizentocitizen, case_study
Loma Linda University Medical Center's Geographic Information System (Case Library)
Case Summary Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) is a levelone trauma center serving a population of more than 3.3 million. Recognizing the fragmentation of a massive emergency response operation that included fire and police departments, local hospitals, ambulances ...
Other labels: maps, mashup, geographic_information_system, emergency_response, hospital, public_health, redirecting, peertopeer ...
Flu Wiki (Case Library)
Case Summary While federal, state, and local governments plan for a potential pandemic influenza, a passionate online community of concerned citizens have taken the initiative to utilize Flu Wiki to inform each other about a wide variety ...
Other labels: wiki, data_collection, public_engagement, pandemic_influenza, citizentocitizen, case_study
Arizona State Decision Theater (Case Library)
Case Summary In 2005 Arizona State University created the Decision Theater, an innovative technology that provides participants a 260 degree screen with three dimensional models. In this environment decision makers can ...
Other labels: maps, peertopeer, case_study
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